What is the Danshari lifestyle?

Accordingly, we will limit the furniture as much as possible and do not need to care too much about cleaning and arranging. When those concerns are removed, we will have more time to take care of our family and ourselves.

The well-known Japanese Danshari lifestyle

The Japanese Danshari is expressed as follows:

- Refuse to bring home unnecessary items.

- Eliminate all the clutter.

- Refrain from material shopping.

The term Danshari can be explained as follows:

Dan – Refuse

  • Minimize shopping expenditure: only buy what is really necessary for your life

  • Get available gifts instead of buying 

  • Do not indiscriminately provide information to stores or register to receive mail from online magazines, pay online to save time and paperwork.

  • Refuse to receive free goods if you don't really need them

Sha – Throw away

  • Throw away at least one unused item every day

  • Free up your wardrobe, keep only the most used items

  • Give away items you no longer use.

Ri – Stay away

  • Live with the motto "just enough".

  • Value space over objects.


How to apply the Japanese minimalist lifestyle to life

Adopting the Japanese Danshari lifestyle is not difficult, just note and do as follow:

Less is more

The minimalist lifestyle encourages you to look at the items in your home to see what is in use and what is not, thereby, removing unnecessary things to make the living space tidier and more comfortable.

Cleaning up unnecessary items is one of the methods to practice the Japanese minimalist lifestyl

Not only arranging furniture, "Less is more" can also be applied in many circumstances . For example, in personal work management, you should avoid or eliminate useless, time-consuming habits and save that time for more meaningful tasks.

Once you get rid of all the unnecessary things, you will feel more comfortable and free, thereby achieving positive results in life.


Beauty from the void

In the minimalist Japanese lifestyle, they favor and value the emptiness in their living space. The Japanese even named this 'Ma Ma'.

Accommodations with lots of space will help the subjects (your furniture)look shinier. Imagine on a wall when you hang all kinds of pictures or decorations, those objects will be "competitive" with each other and none of them will stand out.


Simplify right from the way you eat

apanese meals are full of nutrients so they do not need to eat many meals a day but still be full

The minimalist Japanese lifestyle is also reflected in daily meals. You can see very few Japanese people snacking because they have eaten enough nutrients at 3 main meals. Therefore, they always feel full and snacking is not necessary .

Applying the minimalist Japanese eating style to the menu will help you lead a better and healthier life. At the same time, by reducing snacking time, we have more time to focus on other more meaningful tasks.

Image source: Internet.