Boost your mood by Konmari 

KonMari is invented by Marie Kondo - a Japanese expert in organizing and an interior arrangement consultant. She has written 2 popular books “The life-changing magic of tidying up” and “Spark Joy” to emphasize that cleaning not only makes the house clean but also makes us happy and purifies the spirit. Imagine that after a hard-working day, you come back home and walk into a cozy, tidy house, you will feel relaxed and recharged. Besides, a neat house gives you more space to breathe, to enjoy life, and also boost your mood. Henceforth, magic from a healthy mind makes many things done productively.

Marie Kondo - “mother” of KonMari (Source: KonMari)

In reality, many people see house cleaning as a duty, not a lifestyle. However, keeping the house away from clutter is key to a healthy lifestyle. Indeed, Marie Kondo believes that “Life truly begins only after you have put your house in order”, showing that a tidier house, a more relaxed mind.

KonMari sounds similar to “Minimalism”, but they are quite different. Minimalism refers to living with less, while KonMari concentrates on a life surrounded by things you love the most.

Tidying is an effective way to reset your life (Source: KonMari)

6 basic rules of Konmari 

Make cleaning a habit

Cleaning is always hard work for many people with busy life. However, keeping your house, working corner, and all the surrounding area neat will generate positive energy rather than a messy living environment. It is necessary to form the habit of cleaning the house and living in order in a disciplined manner.

Imagine your ideal lifestyle

Think of the ideal lifestyle and the living environment that you expect to live in. Sketch out which house arrangement makes you most comfortable and live fully. Cleaning will become easier since you actually know what to change, discard, or add to achieve that ideal life.

Get rid of unnecessary items

Household items such as clothes or kitchen utensils should be sorted and remove the less-use type to increase the free space for the house and reduce the burden of tidying. In other words, the old, rarely used, or "will have occasion to use" items need to be released from your living space.

Tidy by category, not by location

Usually, people store one item in many locations, so when cleaning the house, they tend to tidy room by room or shelf by shelf. This action seems like they are repeating the same work in different places. However, this way will cause them to get stuck in a circle of clutter when they take out something and forget to put it back in its original place. Therefore, it is important to tidy by category, not by location. Starting from listing out the category, namely, clothes, shoes, books, or miscellaneous items.

Follow the right order

Marie suggested that tidying needs the order to achieve the best results. Starting with easy items such as clothes and ending with more challenging items such as sentimental items. This way helps people hone decision-making skills when facing an item to keep or get rid of.

Retain the “joys”

If you are wondering which item should be kept or discarded, just ask yourself what things that spark joy and make you happy when you own it. This rule helps people identify their needs precisely by discarding themselves. Henceforth, limiting random shopping habits.

A tidy house helps generate fresh energy and positive lifestyle (Source: KonMari)






Mia Dinh