The French lifestyle - the art of living to the fullest

French women always value living life with enjoyment and life’s simple happiness. Housework such as cleaning the house, washing dishes, or washing clothes seem like trivial jobs. A ‘Madame Chic’ tends to turn trivial things into moments of enjoyment to find elegance in daily life. It’s about upgrading simple daily routines to something special. 

Coco Chanel said that "Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside". Instead of doing have-to-do work in an uncomfortable way, doing it in a happy mood will help women regain their elegance and feel happy every time. A little change such as turning on a favorite music or lighting a scented candle while doing chores is an ideal way to find inspiration.

Start a new day with confidence is one of the key traits of Parisian women

Mostly, busy makes women hustle and live in a mess from personal work to housework. This inadvertently makes them lose the inherent elegance of a woman. It’s important to have a good preparation to start a morning leisurely and uncluttered, or elegant and fashionable with just a little time and effort. For example, doing laundry before going to work so that clothes are fresh and ready to be put away when coming home. Additionally, prepare what to wear for tomorrow or ingredients for the next breakfast before going to bed. 

Parisian women - The elegance from inside (Source: Cosset Moi)

Work-life balance for an elegant life

French women usually spend not-working-time having afternoon tea, or hanging out with friends to relax and enjoy life after long hard-working. Elegance can be easily lost when overworked, along with work efficiency. Most importantly, spend a few lazy moments daily or weekly to recharge and regain the spirit of joy to start new work productively and elegantly. It might be hard to maintain elegance while balancing work, family, and self-care. But nothing is impossible. 

French women always find joy in every moment in life (Source: MGallery)

Staying happy does not depend on what people have but on their attitude towards their own life. The French lifestyle can bring people, especially women this life full of interesting things and indescribable charm.



Mia Dinh