AGT 2023 is a talent seeking competition of the (AEP) Institute of Advanced, High Quality Programs and POHE (Profession-Oriented Higher Education), NEU. AEP Institute, NEU is the pioneer in the development and implementation of a modern and international education strategy to improve the quality of Vietnamese students. The event is a playground to give students the opportunity to unleash their creativity, break through their limits and shine with their passion for art.

AEP's Got Talent is organized at National Economic University, a university in Hanoi, Vietnam 

Through the AGT 2023 event, the organizers wish to give NEU students in general and AEP students in particular the repetition to exchange with students from different school years, to learn, improve solidarity and awareness of their own values ​​as well as the values ​​of the community.

AGT 2023 takes place with the participation of 10,000 contestants. Through the qualifying rounds, the event continues with 500 participants. The final night of AGT is taking place on the evening of May 19, 2023, which is expected to be very exciting with the talented performances of the students.

With the message "How I touch your soul", AGT 2023 give contestants a chance to showcase their talents, and passions on stage. Accordingly, the contestants will convey their enthusiasm through carefully invested art performances including singing, dancing, stage performances, and other performances.