What is an “Ambivert” like? 


“Ambivert” is a term that refers to people who have the tendency to be both introverted and extroverted. Basically, introverted individuals tend to be reserved, quiet, and rarely sharing their thoughts with others, and can be difficult to understand based solely on their outward appearance. Extroverted individuals, on the other hand, are outgoing, sociable, enjoy participating in social activities, and are always full of energy. Therefore, an "ambivert" is a blend between introverted and extroverted individuals.


This term is becoming increasingly popular because in today’s society, most of us are “ambiverts”. In fact, this is not difficult to understand because in today’s age, alongside the dynamism and liveliness of each individual in the external environment, they still reserve a world for themselves - where they calm down to understand themselves


Deciphering the types of “ambivert” (Image source: glints, com)


Are you an “ambivert” ?


Here are some signs showing that you might be an “ambivert”:

  • Balancing time between socializing and being alone
You feel comfortable when being with others, but you also need time to regain energy when being alone
(Image source: Rumah Mettasik)
  • Good communication skills
You can easily start and maintain a conversation with others (Image source: sydle)
  • Flexible and adaptable
You can easily adapt to new environments and situations, whether it is working in a team or independently (Image source: JobsGo)
  • Have many social relationships
You have many friends and can easily make new friend (Image source: iStock)
  • Have leadership skills
You can be inspired and lead others (Image source: Chief Learning Officer)

The beauty lies within every personality


Each personality type has its own strengths and weaknesses. No personality type is entirely bad. What's important is to believe in yourself and learn to harmonize with your environment. Regardless of your personality type, never stop exploring yourself, maximizing your potential, and shining with what you have. Everyone carries unique values within them, and it is this diversity that creates a colorful and fascinating world.

Fah | Raven