Unleash your passion and shine with U Dance Studio


Established in 2022, U Dance Studio has already welcomed over 500 students from diverse cities and provinces, steadily establishing its position in the professional dance training industry. More than just physical training and improving your health, U Dance Studio nurtures your artistic passion, ignites creativity, and unleashes your individuality. With a team of experienced and dedicated teachers and a well-structured and scientifically designed curriculum, U Dance Studio is committed to providing you with the most effective and enjoyable learning experience.


Students at U Dance Studio pour their hearts into every movement, as they blend passion with rhythm under the guidance of skilled instructors in the state-of-the-art dance halls.

U Dance Studio understands the desires and needs of its students, therefore the founding team strives to offer attractive discount programs and flexible makeup policies, making it easier for you to arrange your study schedule and pursue your passion with ease. Whether you are a student, employee, or anyone passionate about dance, U Dance Studio welcomes you to the vibrant world of music and movement. Our diverse range of classes caters to all ages and skill levels, making it easy for you to find the perfect fit.


U Dance Studio and the enchanting experiences for Star students


Established in 2022, U Dance Studio has become a vibrant community for over 500 students, offering a diverse range of dance classes designed to ignite creativity and individuality.

Ms. Thanh Unnie, CEO/Founder of U Dance Studio, graced the “Body Liberation and Tiktok Trend Catching 2” class with her presence. Renowned as a choreographer and artistic director for prominent corporations like Agribank, Vietinbank, MB bank, and PetroVietnam… Ms. Thanh Unnie has also shared the stage with celebrated artists like Son Tung MTP, Hoa Minzy, Huong Tram, Đong Nhi, and Toc Tien... Her achievements extend to the international arena, having garnered accolades at the Vietnam-Korea Cultural and Culinary Festival 2017, the Dream With Dell National Competition 2019, and the Dance For Idol Competition 2017…


U Dance Studio students have the unique opportunity to learn from accomplished choreographer Ms. Thanh Unnie, who has worked with renowned artists and major corporations, bringing a wealth of experience to the dance floor.

Sharing her thoughts on teaching budding talents, Ms. Thanh Unnie expressed: “This is a new experience in my career journey. Having the opportunity to accompany the talented “leggy” students of Vietnam Star Academy, U Dance Studio aims to contribute to nurturing their creativity and fostering their passion for dance.”


U Dance Studio - Your gateway to conquering “artistic heights”


Immerse yourself in an “inspiring world” at U Dance Studio, where cutting-edge, well-lit dance halls ignite your passion and creativity. Our seasoned and highly skilled instructors, hailing from renowned dance groups in Hanoi, will equip you with the essential techniques and golden secrets to master any dance genre. Embark on a diverse and enriching learning journey with our comprehensive range of courses, catering to every need and preference, from Hiphop and Kpop to Freestyle and Contemporary Dance. Moreover, our affordable tuition fees, numerous discount programs, and flexible makeup policies ensure you can pursue your passion without financial constraints.


U Dance Studio - Your gateway to conquering “artistic heights”

Witness the heartwarming moments of our young students as they light up the dance floor, fueling our unwavering commitment at Vietnam Star Academy and U Dance Studio to nurture grand aspirations and empower the next generation to shine. Join MGI Magazine as we follow the journeys of these aspiring models and extend your unwavering support to U Dance Studio!