The feature of low-rise jeans reveals more skin at the waist, torso, and hips. Therefore, they are often combined with crop tops to create a space between the jeans and the shirt, revealing the entire abdomen including the navel.

Low-rise jeans are often worn with crop tops, helping to accentuate the wearer's waist and hips

The 2000 version of low-rise jeans can make many people afraid to "dare" to wear. There was even a time when low-rise jeans were boycotted because it was easy for the wearer to become "indiscreet", revealing lingerie, even promoting girls to lose weight indiscriminately to wear low-rise pants. road.

There are many reasons for the return of this trend. Many people think this is the cycle of fashion: a trend that, after flourishing for a few years (or even a decade), goes away. Then it will take about two decades to come back. And now, low-rise jeans from the 2000s are starting to make a comeback in the wardrobe of fashionistas.

This model of pants was once boycotted because it was easy to make the wearer "indiscreet" as well as promoting the girls' bluff weight loss.

In this comeback, low-rise jeans have had some variations to make the wearer more comfortable. They buy oversized jeans, then "drop" the low waistband. This way of wearing is what distinguishes low-rise jeans today from their predecessors in the 2000s.

Alexia Elkaim - founder of a fashion brand in Los Angeles shared: "I love the wide-leg and low-rise pants. This item is very sexy but the looseness helps to balance the overall".

Low-rise wide-leg pants make the wearer more comfortable when wearing this outfit on the street

Low-rise jeans are also an ideal choice for you to pursue the Y2K style that is blooming in recent times. Therefore, if you are interested in low-rise jeans, you can freely wear it out on the street to express your personal style and coordinate with the right accessories to become the most fashionable.

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