The current labor market is facing a shortage of candidates with communication and presentation skills. Although the Gen Z generation is dynamic and enthusiastic, their communication and presentation skills are limited and different, causing difficulties in work and career advancement. Many conflict or psychological problems have their roots in limited communication.


Communication skills - the key to opening the door to successful job opportunities

Because of this situation, VTALK Skills Academy has the mission of being an Education Ecosystem specializing in training communication and applied presentation skills with the first and most in-depth and methodical curriculum in Vietnam.

VTALK courses are specifically designed to develop each specific aspect of communication and presentation. From improving your voice, increasing confidence and reducing laryngeal friction in the Voice Training - Beautiful Voice course, to practicing stage skills, body language, content writing and mastering conversations and verbal thinking, helping with communication and attractive and engaging presentations in courses like VTALK SILVER, VTALK VIP, etc.

Ms. Vo Thi My Duyen (middle) - Training Director of VTALK Skills Academy, Ambassador of Talent Generation (under UNESCO-CEP)

VTALK's difference compared to other skill centers is that it only focuses specifically on communication and presentation skills, and does not provide extensive training for many other skill groups. Because according to VTALK, communication and presentation skills are an important part and play a huge role in almost 90% of the remaining skills. The clearest evidence is that skills such as teamwork, criticism, MCing, negotiation, etc. all require communication and presentation skills. 

Mr. Le Dinh Duy - a sales manager in Ho Chi Minh City shared: “The classroom space is airy, fully air-conditioned, projector, whiteboard, etc. The class is not too crowded, about 8-10 students. But I like it better, as we can closely exchange knowledge with each other. During each class session, I practice directly with the instructor, and receive corrections right in class. And especially, the instructor is very dedicated to instructing techniques, always reminding me to practice more at home.” 

Nguyen Thanh Phu - Student at VTALK Skills Academy

According to Ms. Vo Thi My Duyen, Training Director of VTALK Skills Academy, said: "Communication and Presentation skills not only help students shine on stage, but are also the key to a more successful and confident life in every aspect. Our goal is not simply to equip students with knowledge and skills, but also to create an interesting and humane learning environment, where students' emotional and mental health are protected. The patient receives special care. We believe that when students are confident in communication and presentation, they are also more confident in daily life, thereby improving their learning performance and achieving success in all areas of life."

VTALK Instructor - Ms. Nguyen Ha Vy - MC, Organizer, TVC Actress, Host of Saigon Radio FM frequency 95.6Mhz at VOH 

At VTALK Skills Academy, the teaching staff is carefully selected from leading experts, including PhDs, masters, psychological counselors, skills teachers, literature teachers, MCs and professional speakers. They not only have extensive knowledge but also have practical experience and the ability to convey empathy, creating optimal conditions for students to access and absorb knowledge effectively. At the same time, VTALK's textbooks are compiled specifically by leading experts, ensuring high practicality and application in accordance with Vietnamese cultural and linguistic characteristics. Classes are also limited to a maximum of 10 students, helping to ensure the best practice in each session.

Currently, VTALK Skills Academy is one of the few units trusted by many agencies and departments such as Youth Union, Youth Startup Support Center, Investment and Tourism Promotion Center, etc. in many programs and topics. At the same time, VTALK has been reported by more than 100 media sites with more than 1,000 articles about VTALK’s activities such as: VTV, Tien Phong, Ho Chi Minh City Education Magazine, Ho Chi Minh City People's Voice (VOH), Binh Phuoc Radio - Television and Newspaper (BPTV), Nguoi Dua Tin e-magazine, Bao Moi, etc.

Skills for Vietnam and VTALK accompanying young people at universities

Recognizing that skills education for Vietnamese youth is not just within the framework of classrooms, VTALK Skills Academy founded the non-profit project SFVN to spread the value of knowledge and skills for pupils and students across Vietnam. To date, SFVN has imparted values ​​to hundreds of thousands of young people, connecting with many leading universities such as National Economics University, Foreign Trade University, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Education, Academy of Finance, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, Academy of Aviation, University of Law...; Central Youth Union, Vietnam Youth Union; The world's largest Youth Organization present in 108 Countries - AIESEC…

To inspire the passive inspiration of young people, especially Gen Z, in practicing skills and adhering to business needs, SFVN has connected with not only experts but also famous KOLs, Influencers, Tiktokers on their journey such as: Miss Courage of Miss World Vietnam Pham Thi Tu Trinh, Tiktoker with 3.7M Followers Davo's Lingo, Tiktoker Ocean English with 1.2M Followers - Top 2 Education Content Creators of TikTok, Tiktoker Gen Z Dạy Văn with nearly 500K Followers, Tiktoker Mét 9 Mét 5 (Master of Psychology, Master of Education), Tiktoker Anh Sắc Ánh - Mentor with more than 100+ creators on Tiktok and collaboration with more than 20+ businesses, Tiktoker Do Ngoc Quoc Thong with than 170,000 Followers, etc. and hundreds of experts and celebrities in diverse fields.

Vietnamese youth are not highly appreciated for their initiative and communication skills and are often disadvantaged compared to other labor sources in the world. In order to balance that balance in the process of global integration and competition, VTALK Skills Academy and the SFVN project are not only a place for simple skills training but also an ecosystem to help Vietnamese youth develop more comprehensively, in which the core focus stems from the foundation of presentation and communication skills.