Miss Supranational 2023 Andrea Aguilera, born in 2001, also held the titles of Miss Grand Ecuador 2021 and the 1st Runner-Up of Miss Grand International 2021. She is the first Ecuadorian to have advanced to the 1st Runner-Up position in the history of Miss Grand International pageant contest, and also the first Ecuadorian to have won Miss Supranational. 

Andrea Aguilera is the first Ecuadorian pageant to have won Miss Supranational. (Source: Miss Supranational) 
Andrea Aguilera pictured with Mister Supranational 2023 Iván Álvarez Guedes. (Source: Miss Mister RNB España)

On her personal Instagram account, Aguilera shared that she had been spending the past few days after winning the title in nature, considering her goals and discussing those with her “new family”. “I am taking it all in and I understand that I have a huge responsibility ahead of myself”, Aguilera wrote.

Representatives from 67 countries competed in the finale that took place on July 14 in Poland. The final results is as follows:

  • Miss Supranational 2023: Andrea Aguilera from Ecuador
  • 1st Runner-Up: Pauline Amelinckx from Philippines
  • 2nd Runner-Up: Sancler Frantz  from Brazil
  • 3rd Runner-Up: Emma Collingridge from the United Kingdom
  • 4th Runner-Up: Dang Thanh Ngan from Viet Nam

Miss Supranational 2023 marked the 14th year of the Miss Supranational pageant contest, which has been rated by experts as one of the top 3 most significant international pageants in the world, according to the Miss Supranational website. 

Miss Supranational 2023 features 67 contestants. (Source: Miss Supranational)
Top 12 of Miss Supranational 2023. (Source: Miss Supranational)