The finale of Mister Miss Culture Global 2023 occurred in Jakarta, Indonesia on the evening of June 4. The highest position in the contest has officially presented to Mister Tuan Abu (Malaysia) and Miss Tong Kanika (Cambodia). The top 3 finalists of Mister Culture Global 2023 included representatives from Malaysia, North Philippines, and India. The top 3 Miss Culture Global 2023 belonged to Indonesia, Cambodia, and the Philippines.

Top 3 Mister Culture Global 2023 (Cre: Pageant Empire Indonesia)

The Mister Culture Global title was given to Tuan Abu (Malaysia) and The Miss Culture Global was given to Tong Kanika (Cambodia). Meanwhile, Tuan Abu was one of the most impressive candidates in the competition.He had a great performance in each category, always showed his friendliness and dynamic in the activities with other candidates and social media. This helped his victory become convincing in everyone’s hearts. 

Champion of Mister Culture Global 2023 (Cre: Tuan Abu)
Champion of Mister Culture Global 2023 (Cre: Tuan Abu)

Mister Miss Culture Global 2023 pageant has taken place to promote tourism culture as well as honor beauty. The competition has judged on three main criteria including attitude, quality, and quantity. The pageant was first held in Indonesia. 8 countries were participating in the contest including the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Cambodia, Borneo, Thailand, and Japan.