Juan Carlos Ariosa (28 years old) is a dentist, actor, and model from Cuba. Accordingly, right from the first days of joining the global male king 2022, he impressed the judges with his toned six-pack body and impressive height - 1m86. In addition, he also has an angular face, full of masculinity. With his outstanding appearance, this handsome Cuban man has become a strong candidate in the race to the prestigious male throne.

Impressive height and masculine body make Juan Carlos Ariosa stand out from the first rounds
Juan Carlos Ariosa has a masculine angular face, representing a strong Latin beauty

After many thrilling rounds of competition, Juan Carlos Ariosa was officially crowned Global King 2022 in the finale on February 11. Specifically, based on his outstanding appearance and excellent performance, he completely conquered both the judges and the audience. As commented by judge Bui Quynh Hoa: “Juan Carlos Ariosa has a handsome appearance, does well in a closed interview and gives a round answer in the behavior test of the top 5 or top 3. Your victory is fully deserved”. In particular, this victory made Juan Carlos Ariosa the first person to bring the prestigious title of Mister Global to Cuba.

The new male king from Cuba is highly appreciated


Before the worthy coronation of his successor, the global Southern King 2021 - Duong Chi Linh expressed his hope that the new Nam Vuong would always try and make efforts to fulfill his goals as well as cherish his current position. In addition, he also hoped that everyone would give a lot of support to Juan Carlos Ariosa so that the new Southern King could well fulfill his mission during his term.


Image source: Internet.