Recently, the attention of the beauty fan community has been on the Miss & King Supranational Thailand 2023 pageant. In addition to the information about the achievements of the new Miss Supranational Thailand, the handsome beauty of the new King of Supranational Thailand is also the focus of attention.

Topz Natthanon Narathayawirun - Mister Supranational Thailand 2023


Accordingly, Topz Natthanon Narathayawirun is the new gentleman crowned as the 2023 Thai Supranational King. This male beauty has a significant height of 1m84 and a toned six-pack body. Topz shared that to get such a strong but equally sexy figure, he had to follow a strict diet and train hard. Not only has a hot body, but this guy also possesses an extremely handsome and masculine face. 

Topp's hot body


Topp's handsome face


With his outstanding appearance, Topz has had excellent performances throughout the competition and has shown his unique color. So, on the eve of the final, many predicted that he would win a high ranking in the competition. And indeed, on the evening of April 4th, Topz was not only named the highest achiever but also the contestant who won the most sub-awards with a total of 3 individual victories.


Topp's feverish attractive appearance

Immediately after his coronation, images of Topz went viral because of his attractive appearance. It is known that Topz is currently an entrepreneur, professional model, and founder of a famous fashion brand.

Image source: Internet.