Shine like a fairy with the Sugar Plum Fairy makeup style 


Bright, pinkish and glittering are the keywords that can be used to summarize this Sugar Plum Fairy Girl makeup style. This trend originated from the “trendmaking queen” Hailey Bieber, inspired by the Sugar Plum fairy in the ballet “The Nutcracker”. This makeup style conquered the hearts of many beauty enthusiasts due to its beauty resembling the Plum Fairy. Just like its name, Sugar Plum Fairy is extremely sweet and brings you a fairy-like beauty. With its primary use of highlighters and lip balms, with a pinkish-violet accent, Sugar Plum Fairy is the symbol of gentleness, femininity and mesmerization. 


The Sugar Plum Fairy makeup style, characterized by bright, pinkish, and glittering elements, is inspired by the Sugar Plum Fairy from the ballet "The Nutcracker" and popularized by Hailey Bieber. 


Creating an attractive appearance with the Sugar Plum Fairy tone


With the use of pastel gamuts like pink, light violet and especially pinkish-violet - the signature color of Sugar Plum Fairy, you can create a beautiful makeup layout like in fairy tales. To achieve that glittering appearance of Sugar Plum Fairy, you can start with brushing a layer of pinkish-violet tone on your eyes and cheeks. Combine it with a violet or pink lipstick to enhance your elegance and femininity. Besides that, using highlighters and soft powders will help accentuate your skin’s radiance, making you look as if you were a fairy at a Winter party.


This sweet and fairy-like makeup trend uses highlighters and lip balms with pinkish-violet accents, symbolizing gentleness and femininity.


Sugar Plum Fairy makeup: a trend for all seasons


The Sugar Plum Fairy makeup trend is garnering the attention of ladies with its diverse and mesmerizing attraction. What is particularly attractive in this Sugar Plum Fairy trend is its adaptability and creativity. You can freely experience it with different styles and colors to create a makeup style that best reflects your personality, suitable for all occasions. Whether you’re a newcomer or a makeup expert, Sugar Plum Fairy always brings you the opportunity to showcase your creativity and personal style.


This versatile and creative makeup trend suits all seasons and occasions, allowing for personal expression and creativity.


On the journey to explore the fairytale beauty and the attraction of Sugar Plum Fairy, we have recognized that this makeup trend is not just a beauty option but also a symbol of personal style and characteristics. Step into the world of creativity and explore the new “variations” to give yourself a unique and attractive makeup style!


The Sugar Plum Fairy makeup style is more than just a beauty trend; it represents individuality and unique style.

Adeline | Cameron Truong