Sandalwood is a tree called “green gold” as it brings many health benefits to farmers and users. Its characteristic aroma can help filter the air, stabilize mood, and relieve stress. Therefore, according to the folk concept, sandalwood oil creates a peaceful atmosphere, helps to refresh energy, brings good things, and helps users increase concentration at work. 

Besides that, the wood core is often used to make handcrafted furniture, skin care cosmetics, or hair care products. Sandalwood hair comb made by skilled craftsmen is not only a unique cultural tradition in some Eastern countries but also a simple and economical hair method that everyone can do. 

Sandalwood core is not only used to make handcrafted furniture but also for health care products. (Cre: Huy Nhường)

Unlike plastic or metal hairbrushes after a long time of use, they will cause static electricity to the hair making the hair damaged, dry, and easily breakable. Combs made from sandalwood can completely overcome these limitations, and help users nourish stronger hair. 

Especially, while combing the hair, the scent of sandalwood can help users relax and reduce stress. For those who often have insomnia, combing hair with wooden brushes can also improve sleep, and helps the sleep process to be deeper. Moreover, a sandalwood comb can be used to massage, promote body blood circulation, help relieve symptoms of rheumatism in the head and neck area, and soothe headaches. 

 Brush hair with a sandalwood comb helps to prevent static electricity, make hair smooth, and shiny, and reduce sclerosis, effectively preventing hair loss. (Cre: Vietherb)

Sandalwood comb is also scored by its environmentally friendly properties, without the potential for harm after long-term use. Besides the traditional form with herringbone design, semicircle, cylinder, etc. today, sandalwood combs are crafted with a more compact size, wider comb teeth, and soft curves but still create a solid feeling. Therefore, the sandalwood hair comb is extremely convenient and easy to use, gradually becoming an indispensable beauty item, suitable for all ages.

Sandalwood comb with soft curve design, compact, very convenient during use (Cre: ruixinli)





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