When summer arrives, shoulder-length or thick hair is not an ideal choice. Instead, neatly tying the hair, and putting hair in a bun will help the women become more beautiful and fashionable while facing the summer heat.



In terms of simplicity and neatness, low-tied hair is well-fitted. The only thing you need to do is grab your hair and fix it with an elastic. To be more stylish, you can use scrunchies - accessories with stylized puffed fabric, which can use to tie hair and even become a bracelet. There is a point to note if you tie your hair loosely, it will bring about a natural feeling. Ponytail perfectly suits outfits namely shirts, blouses, and feminine dresses.

Ponytail is one of the ideal choices for women this summer (Photo: Pinterest)

Low bun

This hairstyle will make your neck fresher, and add a little femininity as well as personality. You can pull all your hair back, carefully roll your hair up, and hide the end of the hair inside, then fix it with elastic or hair claw. You should tie it loosely and leave some hairs outside to look more mature. With this hairstyle, putting on a round earring or pearl necklace will make you more glamorous.

 Low bun hair should be loose with some hairs outside (Photo: Pinterest)

Claw hair

It is easy to have this hairstyle because you just need to fold the hair in half or in three, fix it with a hair claw, and you have a fashionable hairstyle. The hair claws these days are stylized with many different designs and accessories. In the case of a lady, you can choose a thinner hair claw or a pearl-added one. If you pursue a cute style, you can find eye-catching floral pattern clips.

The hair claws for this hairstyle will partly show your style (Photo: Pinterest)

High bun

If you want to show off your neck, a high bun hair is the best choice. First, you need to tie a ponytail and then roll your hair in a circle, fix it with pins, scrunchies, or dark color elastic. Leaving some sideburns outside helps you look younger. The high bun makes the face slimmer and smaller. 

 High bun for summer 2023 is an ideal choice (Photo: Pinterest)

One-side plait hair

Fresh, gentle, and feminine but not too childish is characteristic of this plait. All you need to do is leave your hair to one side and braid it in a herringbone shape, then fix it with elastic. You can put on a ribbon or a hairpin to add up feminity. Combination with a small floral pattern dress will significantly help you look younger.

One-side plait hair suits girls who pursue feminine style (Photo: Pinterest)

With the suggestion of these 5 hairstyles, MGI hopes that it can help women have both fresh and beautiful hairstyles in summer 2023.