The beverage is the key

Gisele often starts her day with a hot lemonade. This drink not only enhances the immune system but also provides Vitamin C. Furthermore, lemon juice also is an ingredient in other drinks such as vegetable broth, say, celery, kale,... or whatever she can find. She considers keeping herself hydrated very important, which is why unprocessed coconut juice is one of her favorites.

Gisele drinks the vegetable broth mixture after a session of physical activities

One other favorite drink of hers is tea. In an interview with British Vogue in 2022, the model said that she uses tea for medical purposes. “I always say nature’s our pharmacy. If the kids are sick, I’ll make a fresh ginger tea with lemon and a whole pot of manuka honey. It’s really the best thing you can drink!” 

A Gisele’s cup of tea

The natural and fresh diet

The daily consumption of Gisele contains vegetable products mostly. “It makes us feel good, and it also has less of an impact on the environment”, Gisele said to Marie Claire in 2020.

Raw and fresh products are sometimes a choice of the model. “The couple are not strictly raw eaters, but their diet is approximately 80 percent raw due to the access to good quality raw food in Costa Rica, so think “big colorful salads and lots of fresh veggies,” says Gerrard Young, a nutritional expert and a former cooker of Bundchen.

The in-fridge products of Gisele put in by her cooker

With a supermodel, lunch is the biggest meal of the day, followed by dinner. She claims that it is a matter of food quality, not time. “The thing that really needs to be taken into consideration is whether the last day you gained enough nutrition or not, and did you enjoy the meal without overconsuming it.

Not only about how to eat and what to eat, but the quality of the food is also a factor that the 42-year-old model pays the most attention to. She decides to follow an organic diet, with home-planted ingredients. Apart from shopping in indigenous stores and contributing to the local economy, Gisele even farms and ranches for fresh ingredients. “ I love seeing my kids feel happy when they find an egg or when they harvest the veggies in the garden” she said.

Gisele Bunchen in the home garden

Along with finding healthy products, removing unhealthy ones is also necessary. Gisele’s diet contains no white sugar, white flour, MSG, coffee, caffeine, and dairy products such as butter or cheese.

However, an overly strict diet can cause a down mood and a loss of motivation to maintain. With that in mind, Gisele sometimes goes easy on herself. “I am not a super strict person and believe that things are better when done in moderation. My biggest exception is dark chocolate.” the female supermodel said.

Gisele cannot resists chocolate desserts

As can be seen, for the model, maintaining a balanced diet is definitely the most important factor to be able to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Image source: Internet.