No more complicated skincare routines with 9-10 steps, thanks to the strong development of the Skinimalism trend, women have been able to optimize their skincare routines with a few quick and simple steps.

What is “Skinimalism”?

The term “Skinimalism” is a combination of “skin” and “minimalism”, which means that skin cares simply and minimizes the use of products. This is a new skincare routine with only 3-4 steps, Skinimalism focuses on learning about your skin and choosing the necessary products instead of applying many steps and using too many products.

Shortening beauty steps by finding the right cycle for your skin

Besides that, not only a normal skincare routine, Skinimalism also empathizes skin-caring from the inside with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle to achieve effective skincare. Although Skinimalism values simplification, it should be noted that the right skin care regimen varies from person to person, depending on skin conditions and specific issues.

Benefits of Skinimalism

Skincare is a process of using support from external factors to nourish healthy skin, but not every product is suitable and effective as its function. 

Many people have swapped the concept of skin care into "plastering" all kinds of creams, serums, and gels with many active ingredients, but do not understand the ingredient list of the product on their skin, and assured that the more you invest, the more beautiful it will be. This inadvertently makes the more skincare you get the more you get undesired results, causing clogged pores, and changing combination skin types to oily and acne-prone skin types. Realizing the problems, we continue to use special treatment products, a loop that happens inadvertently causes our skin to be overloaded, destroying the natural health of the skin.

That’s right Skinimalism could bring many benefits:

Understanding your skin type and skin condition: This will help us ignore exaggerated advertisements of the products and look at the actual functions of them on our skin to make a wise choice.

Saving time and money: Simplify skincare steps could cut down hours in the bathroom skin-caring or save money for a “more caring more worse” skincare cycle, alternatively, just spending money on really useful products.

Natural beauty, and confident charisma: Healthy skin can delicately glorify feminine facial features, and no need for a thick layer of makeup to cover all the skin imperfections. Because the confidence and glory on the face are important factors in determining the impression you give others. 

Support “green” and environmentally friendly products: Natural products are a part of Skinimalism, and organic products will bring sustainable effective results - key for smooth skin.

What does Skinimalism need?

A Skinimalist needs to know how to optimize skincare results and save time, money, and resources. A thorough understanding of your skin condition is essential to achieve flawless skin. 

 Smooth skin is the result of close understanding and selective skincare routine

Skinimalist always seek natural products, that contain no harmful chemicals and restrict makeup layers. To catch up with the trend, “green” products with natural, gentle, and safe ingredients have been searched and developed with the aim of not harming the environment and meeting beauty needs. Some brands from Europe to Asia that are famous for their natural organic skin care products include Cocoon, Soft Grass, Kiehl's, The Face Shop, Lush, etc.

Kiehl's caught up with the trend of "green" products launching a new makeup remover product with 99.8% natural ingredients.

Experts in the beauty field have shared some tips for flawless skin and natural makeup look:

Using multi-functional beauty products: 2-in-1, 3-in-1 products such as cleanser with built-in makeup remover, and instant moisture, integrated whitening serum, built-in sunscreen. moisturizing, glossy skin finish, etc.

Using a foundation with a knuckle, this way you can save foundation as well as control the right amount of foundation on the skin to help the skin not be clogged and keep the natural glow of the skin. In addition, you should focus on foundation products with moisturizers and foundations suitable for your skin to avoid irritation.

Minimalize skincare steps scientifically. Steps in a skincare routine that cannot be missed include removing makeup, cleanser, or sunscreen for healthy skin. Besides that periodic exfoliation with the suitable product will help you maintain smooth skin for a long time.

 Actress Han So Hee is gentle and pure with a glossy makeup tone that honors her natural feminine beauty and flawless skin.

Applying these tips will reduce your 9-10 skincare steps to just 3-4 steps, saving most of your time and money. Therefore, Skinimalism will be one of the effective formulas to help you respect your skin, by understanding and optimizing skincare from the inside and outside but still showing off fresh and pure skin.

In addition, when it comes to hot weather, using too many products on the skin can cause clogs and discomfort. At this time, the trend of makeup like no makeup, also known as no-makeup makeup, a minimalist makeup style has taken the throne. This type of beauty not only minimizes the makeup routine but also enhances the natural features of the face.